The Flower Arrangers of Collington

Here is the history of our wonderful flowers, arranged fresh each week by the Flower Committee, together with notes provided by the Committee:

June 27, 2017


Have you wondered where the Flower Committee gets its materials for its arrangements? You probably know that we purchase some flowers and greens from a wholesale florist, and funeral parlors donate flowers for us to use.
We are trying to use locally grown flowers and greens as much as possible, and the arrangement in the Clocktower Lobby this week is an example of this. The greens are Aucuba “Gold Dust” grown at cottage 2101. The small white flower is Feverfew, growing at 2217. It is a traditional medicinal herb used to prevent migraine headaches, says Wikipedia. The yellow stuff is Solidago, also known as Goldenrod. Contrary to popular belief, it does not cause Hay Fever; It’s Ragweed that blooms in the fall at the same time that is the culprit. The orange carnations were on sale last week at  wholesale florist and are also being used on the dining room tables.  We look forward to zinnias and other flowers from the hilltop garden soon.