Chair: Dennis Evans, Apt#254 phone-5062
Meeting Time: 2nd Tuesday, 9:30 AM, Zoom
Collington Staff: Wayne Holmes & Brian Stanton

Mission Statement:

The Technology & Communications Committee advocates for identifying and suggesting technical means for addressing concerns of all Collington residents. The Committee provides for staffing and operating the website and three Google discussion groups (for the Committee, the website, and an all-resident discussion group.) The Committee coordinates the operation of a free weekly computer clinic to aid residents with computer device software and hardware problems. The Committee provides information to other resident groups needing technical assistance.

Mission Activities:

  1. The Tech-Comm Committee has the responsibility for the operation of the “” website. (This is the only fiscal responsibility)
  • Maintain hosting via WordPress
  • Maintain Domain Name Registration “”
  1. Tech-Comm Committee members operate three Google Groups:
  • Collington-Discussion (All Collington Residents welcome and solicited)
  • Collington-Tech (Tech-Comm members & interested parties)
  • CollingtonWebGroup (Web Group members)

Google Groups can be established by anyone following the Google guidelines.  They are free of charge and have no expiration dates that must be renewed.

  1. The Tech-Comm Committee coordinates the operation of the Collington Computer Clinic.
  • Desktops, Laptops, Notebooks, Tablets, Smartphones (PC, Apple, Android, Other),
  • Wi-Fi connectivity.
  1. The Tech-Comm Committee provides support to groups needing technical assistance
  • Low Vision Support Group
  • Oral History Group for 30th Anniversary
  • The Tech-Comm Committee considers ways to help other groups with technical problems/solution
  • “Artificial Intelligence” – Virtual Assistants (HIPPA considerations for “Recording device present”

Other Tasks

  • Oral History Tech Support will be phased out as the task is completed.
  • Clear Plans and Goals need to be defined for all Tech-Comm activities of interest.
  • Address more Wi-Fi support problems: connectivity; old resident equipment and software; printer networking (printing on the wrong printers); VOIP phones on Wi-Fi networks.
  • Consider conducting some computer training classes (problem is limited number of students)
  • Consider recommendations for exterior lighting (LED, cost, architecture, night sky pollution)

 News Relevant to This Committee’s Area of Responsibility.

Internal Technology Policies

Policy Governing the Collington Residents Google Discussion Group
Policy Governing Resident Association Public Website