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Ecosave Proposal (History)

Back in 2014-2015, Collington worked with Ecosave, an energy services company, on a plan to replace much of Collington’s legacy heating, cooling and lighting equipment with modern energy-saving devices.  All of this was to be financed over 15 years by Ecosave, with repayment to come from the savings that the new and more efficient equipment would generate. Before this plan was finalized, Collington’s occupancy had increased so significantly that it no longer needed Ecosave financing to replace aging equipment.  Hence, the Ecosave relationship never came to pass.  However, the proposal was interesting and points the way toward needed changes at Collington.  The Sustainability Group met with Ecosave staff and reviewed the draft proposal.  We supported it at the time, but were also relieved to learn that Collington had become financially strong enough to forgo such a costly energy performance contract.  To see the Ecosave Summary, click here.