RA Operating Committees – Overview

Seven Operating Committees are part of the Residents Association. The committees are chaired by residents and subcommittees may be formed to address special issues. A staff member serves as liaison so that information is exchanged between management and residents.  Meeting times may be found here.  Detailed accounts of the activities may be found in the Council Minutes and the Annual Reports.

Each Committee links to its webpage.

Buildings Committee – Mission Statement:  Part of Collington’s Statement of Philosophy reads that we will provide our residents “with a physical and emotionally secure environment offering the widest range of service for their varying needs . . .”
The Buildings Committee endeavors to support that philosophy by
working with the Collington administration to keep the facilities attractive,
user-friendly and well maintained. It works with the staff to ensure that the
environment in which we live is safe, secure and sustainable. The Buildings
Committee advocates for all Collington residents.


Interiors – Mission statement (condensed): Part of the Buildings Committee, the Group concerns itself with the appearance—and to some extent the comfort and convenience—of the public spaces at Collington, including apartment building corridors and sitting areas, and Health Center corridors and public spaces. Responsible for the displays in the Clocktower cases and in Auditorium and Library corridors. Assesses utility and suitability of objects offered as gifts to Collington. Works with the Administration to enhance functional and aesthetic condition of interior public areas.

Climate Action – Mission Statement:
• Examine and promote sustainable conservation practices at Collington
• Encourage conservation attitudes by individual members of the Community
• Educate ourselves and our surrounding community on reducing our impact
on our shared environment

Dining Committee – Mission statement: To monitor, evaluate, and support the provision of healthy, nutritious, and appetizing meals for Collington residents in a safe, clean, and pleasant environment.

Subcommittee:  Hospitiality – Organizes special events throughout the year.

Fiscal Review Committee Mission statement: Receive, study, evaluate pertinent information concerning Collington’s financial status, and from time to time report to the Residents Association Council.
Study and evaluate budget and related proposals submitted to it by the
Staff, as well as by committees of the Board of Directors and of the Residents
Association, and report conclusions to the Residents Association Council.
Work closely with the staff Director of Finance, and with the Audit and
Finance Committee of the Board, to the end that Residents’ desires and
concerns be understood and evaluated, and thereby to facilitate and enhance
mutual understanding among the Residents, Staff, and Board.

Grounds Committee Addresses issues and needs for the grounds of Collington.

Health Services Committee The mission of the Health Services Committee is to monitor and evaluate Collington Health Services and support excellence of these services on behalf of the health and well-being of Collington residents.



Health Center Representative

Parkinson’s Group

Ombudsman Group

Compassion and Choices

Social Support 360

Marketing Committee  – Mission Statement: To support the work of the Marketing Office and, in particular, to ensure that the new residents are made to feel welcome as members of our community through assistance with learning what Collington has to offer and by meeting other Collington residents.

Technology and Communications Committee Mission Statement: The Technology & Communications Committee advocates for identifying and suggesting technical means for addressing concerns of all Collington residents.  The Committee provides for staffing and operating the CollingtonResidents.org website and three Google discussion groups (for the Committee, the website, and an all-resident’s discussion group).  The Committee coordinates the operation of a free weekly computer clinic to aid residents with computer device software and hardware problems.  The Committee provides information to other resident groups needing technical assistance.

Subcommittee: Collington Residents website