RA Activity Committees

Activity Committees and their chairs are listed in the back of the Telephone Directory. A few are listed below on this page.

Resident Activities – Committees Clubs Groups – Times & Contacts

Click on the link for news relevant to that activity area.

Collingtonian – Publishes the monthly publication written by residents to inform and entertain.
Community Outreach – Explores social needs in Prince George’s County, informs residents, and encourages them to contribute to its projects such as school supplies, mentoring, clothing for homeless and indigent, and a sandwich program.
Creative Arts – Drawing and painting, ceramics and stained glass. Take classes or follow your own creative bent in the Creative Arts room.
Drama – Presents semi-staged play readings, sponsors trips to local theaters, and sponsors the poetry reading group.
Fitness – Assists and advises the Fitness Manager on the operations of the gym and the pool and on the development of fitness classes and activities for residents.
Flower – Creates and maintains flower arrangements each week in dining areas and for display in some 20 public spaces as well as providing flowers for special events. See the request table near the Clocktower.
Garden – Deals with residents’ raised gardens, the greenhouse and associated plots, and the enclosed garden in the 5000 cluster (sign up for space).
Hospitality — Fosters cordiality and friendliness by organizing parties and entertainments.
Interfaith Chapel – Arranges programs in the Chapel, interfaith activities, and worship services; organizes visits to Health Center residents. Available for memorial services.
Interiors  – Manages furniture and decorations in the main building, including the Health Center.
Library – Supervises our collection of nearly 6,000 books. This self-service library is always open. Sign out books, return them, or donate books according to instructions posted in the Library. The Library maintains an online catalog: Library Thing.com. Over 60 topics are cataloged including Classics.
Music – Invites musicians to the campus to present concerts; sponsors the Collington Singers, promotes informal presentations by residents.
Pet – Provides rules and guidance for residents with dogs and cats, including limits on their range and behavior.
Recreation – Sponsors many separate sub-committees: movies, bridge, croquet, pool, and others. See the back pages of the Collington Telephone Directory for a full list of these activities and their Chairs.
Trips – Organizes trips to cultural, sports, and artistic events as well as to popular restaurants. Residents sign up for each trip and pay for transportation by Collington and any fees or charges. The Resident Services staff makes the arrangements, and the signup sheet is by the bulletin board between the Clocktower and the Library.
Woodshop – The Woodshop, located off of the perimeter road near the inner security gate. It is well equipped for do-it-yourselfers, and skilled residents are often there to help. Requests for repairs (e.g., of a chair, or rewiring a lamp, or sharpening knives) can be made through the form available at the bulletin board between the Clocktower and the library. There is no charge for these services, but the resident is given a note with the time spent and materials used and asked to make an appropriate contribution to the RA.
Ham Radio Group – operates a ham radio station located in the Woodshop; this is a subcommittee of the Woodshop Committee.
Bulletin Boards – Posts notices and keeps the bulletin boards in the main building tidy.
Channel 972 and 995 – Lists the day’s activities and televises Collington programs.
Government Awareness – Keeps residents informed about local, state and federal politics and schedules talks with candidates before elections.
Know Your Neighbor – Arranges occasional autobiographical talks by a resident.

Opportunities Outlet – Manages the OO Shop, our thrift shop; manages the glass cases, which contain special items for sale; and conducts residence sales for residences being vacated.