Health Services


Chair: Nancy Webb
Meeting time: 1st Wednesday, 2 PM, Zoom
Staff: Duramany Sasay, DON; Phoebe Graham, IL Social Worker; Kim Rivers, Vitalize 360 Coach.

Health Services Committee : Mission Statement

The mission of the Health Services Committee is to monitor and evaluate Collington Health Services and support excellence of those services on behalf of the health and well-being of Collington residents. (approved by HSC, September 5, 2017)

Standing Subcommittees

  • Fitness Program – Jacob Kijne
  • Health Center Liaison- Linda Meade
  • Ombudsman group – Denise Bunting
  • Social Support/360 – Gary Anderson
  • Palliative Care
  • Compassion and Choices – Jeanne Slawson

Health Services Support Groups

Four support groups led by residents meet monthly. Below are the groups and the leader contact information.

  • Caregivers Support Group: Denise Bunting x7274
  • Grief Support Group: Vena Darling x7291 and Linda Ewald x5133
  • Hearing Vision Support Group: Ann Davie x7325 and Diane Fleming x7554
  • Parkinson’s Disease Support Group: Joan Zorza x5082


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Health Services Info    This is an overview of Health Services available at Collington. Updated: July 2021

Vitalize 360  Vitalize 360 is a free program offered by Collington to residents to promote successful aging. Information about the program in general and how to join at Collington are listed.

Managing Stress    An overview of the resources at Collington for dealing with stress.

2017 Medicare Summary (HHS)   This government publication gives detailed information on Medicare.

Collington Health Center Neighborhoods   A description written by a former  Director of Health Services. Note that the Shenandoah neighborhood was closed and combined with the Chesapeake neighborhood in November 2019.

Nearby Medical Specialists and Medical Centers (Not Necessarily Endorsed)   List compiled with input from residents. Version updated January 2021.

What to do when a loved one dies This document is based upon an article by Stacy Julien of the American Association of Retired People AARP. That document was condensed and adapted to make the checklist more specific for Collington residents, although much of the text is verbatim Julien’s.


Information on Medicare and “observation status.” (Advocacy Group — Center for Medicare Advocacy)

News Items Relevant to Committee Area of Responsibility   A collection of the posts on this website related to Health Services.

Policies and Procedures

Guidance for Private Duty Caregivers  Details professional activities and standards you should expect when hiring nursing aides and caregivers.

Social Services for Independent Living Residents   Overview of Social Services at Collington.

Resident Transition Rights   One page summary

Policies and Procedures for transitions at Collington   Detailed version

Transitions Flow Chart and Glossary   Process flow chart for transitions

Health Care forms for all Residents

Check list for Hospital Folder  What to put into your colorful plastic folder

Consent to release information   Allows Social Services to notify District leaders when a resident goes to the hospital

Situation Report Form  Form for enlisting a resident based group to assist you in investigating/reporting a situation involving Health Services personnel

Information on Maryland MOLST (Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment) All residents are urged to file a completed form in the Clinic as part of their health care records.