Health Services


Chair: Nancy Webb
Meeting time: 3rd Friday, 1:00 PM Aud/972
Staff: Michelle McKenzie, Assisted Living Manager

Health Services Committee : Mission Statement

The mission of the Health Services Committee is to monitor and evaluate Collington Health Services and support excellence of those services on behalf of the health and well-being of Collington residents. (approved by HSC, September 5, 2017)

Standing Subcommittees

  • Fitness Subcommittee – Mission: Assist and advise the Activity & Wellness Manager on the operation of the gym and the pool and activities for all residents. Bob Reed, chair. Meets monthly on the fourth Thursday at 11:30 AM in Classroom B.
  • Friends of the Creighton Center – Mission: Enhance the quality of life of residents of the four Creighton Center neighborhoods, improve the working environment for staff and increase communication and interaction between residents of independent living and assisted living neighborhoods. Kathleen Light, chair. Meets monthly on the third Tuesday at 3:00 pm in the Auditorium.
  • Ombudsman Subcommittee – Vacant; a select committee assisting residents with specific personal issues in health care delivery. Meets as needed.
  • Research Subcommittee – Peter Fielding; chair. This group shares medical journal articles via the Collington discussion group and places copies in the Collington Library.
  • Social Support Subcommittee – Rotating leadership. This subcommittee works to promote the well-being of residents living at Collington and to expand the resources for aging at Collington. The Subcommittee will:
    • Work closely on social services issues with Collington social services Team Members so the team Members and Resident concerns are mutually understood.
    • Serve as a channel of communication on social services related matters between Collington Residents and Team Members. Meets monthly on the third Monday at 1:00pm.

Health Services Support Groups

  • Accessibility Advisory Group. Susan Wolf, lead. This group identifies and seeks to remedy barriers to safe living and full participation at the Collington Life Plan Community. Barriers may take the form of challenges to physical mobility, vision, hearing, and cognition as well as other barriers that may from time to time arise. It is the responsibility of the Accessibility Advisory Group to identify and present the issues to the Health Services Committee. Meets monthly on the third Monday at 3:00pm via Zoom.
  • Caregivers Support Group. Denise Bunting, lead This resident-driven group (not involving Collington Social Service personnel) provides an opportunity for discussion of and support around the complexities of being a caregiver. Meets monthly on the 4th Tuesday at 7pm in the Game Room.
  • Healthcare Financing Discussion Group. Art Goldberg and George Pauk, co– discusses various health insurance options and their implications for quality of care; Meets monthly on the third Friday at 10:00 am in Classroom A.

Updated November 2023  Elizabeth Gill, secretary


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Health Services Info    This is an overview of Health Services available at Collington. Document is now part of Nearby Medical Specialists and Medical Centers (below).

Managing Stress    An overview of the resources at Collington for dealing with stress.

2017 Medicare Summary (HHS)   This government publication gives detailed information on Medicare.

Nearby Medical Specialists and Medical Centers (Not Necessarily Endorsed)  List compiled with input from residents. Version updated August 2023. This document now includes the Health Information content and information on the Creighton Center.

What to do when a loved one dies This document is based upon an article by Stacy Julien of the American Association of Retired People AARP. That document was condensed and adapted to make the checklist more specific for Collington residents, although much of the text is verbatim Julien’s.

Policies and Procedures

Guidance for Private Duty Caregivers  Details professional activities and standards you should expect when hiring nursing aides and caregivers.

Resident Transition Rights   One page summary

Policies and Procedures for transitions at Collington   Detailed version

Transitions Flow Chart and Glossary   Process flow chart for transitions

Health Care forms for all Residents

Check list for Hospital Folder  What to put into your colorful plastic folder

Consent to release information   Allows Social Services to notify District leaders when a resident goes to the hospital

Situation Report Form  Form for enlisting a resident based group to assist you in investigating/reporting a situation involving Health Services personnel

Information on Maryland MOLST (Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment) All residents are urged to file a completed form in the Clinic as part of their health care records.

Updated 10/2023  JBF