Chair: Charlie Clapper
Meeting Time: 2nd Thursday, 2 PM
Collington Staff:

Mission Statement – Adopted August 10, 2017
In Cooperation with the Collington staff, the Grounds Committee

  • Assists in maintaining the present plantings on the Collington campus and in establishing new trees, shrubs, and plants to further enhance its beauty in the context of an overall landscape concept
  • Assists residents in achieving their goals for their personal gardens
  • Monitors the condition of the trails and woodlands and assists staff in their maintenance and improvement
  • Monitors the pond and lake areas and works to keep them healthy and attractive

Priority Tasks

  • Work with Collington staff to prepare a “campus map” that shows topography and existing plantings. This will allow for preparation of a tree/shrub replacement program and help identify drainage issues.
  • Work with Collington staff to prepare “planting plans” for each cluster and villa common area. This will help identify areas that need improvement.
  • Work with Collington staff to maintain a safe environment and to maintain healthy trees/shrubs.
  • Assist current residents in maintaining their personal gardens
  • Assist new residents in developing plans for their personal gardens
  • Continue the successful Weed Warrior program and define its area of responsibility.
  • Work with Collington staff to monitor the condition of the lake and its immediate

Forest Stewardship Maps for Collington

Forest Stewardship Plan for Collington

Form for public plantings

List of Deer Proof Plants prepared by Bill Preston and Alice Nicolson

Native Plants for Bees

Collington Tagged Trees

Baywise program information

Mosquito Breeding Prevention

Pesticide Use at Collington


Collington Landscape Master Plan (Updated April 22, 2023}:

Collington Landscape Master Plan Part I – Update 2023-04-22

Collington Landscape Master Plan Part II – Action Plan 2023-04-22

LMP Appendix A – Grounds-Landscape Priority Projects 2023-04-22

LMP Appendix B – Collington Zoning Map 2023-04-22