Getting around

Collington Bus Schedules     Page lists Bus schedule for New Carrollton Metro Station (includes Amtrak, MARC), Grocery Runs, Sunday Church Runs, and Medical Appointments (Bowie and Greenbelt; Annapolis) Stop at Security or call (x2020) to make a reservation.

Metro Schedules with Alerts  Includes information on Metro buses and subway lines; A trip planner is included to determine buses/subway to reach a destination and estimated travel time.

MARC train and commuter schedules      Oh the places you can reach with Maryland Area Rail Commuter system. Their website gives information on MARC trains and buses.

Maryland Trip Planner   Information on public travel around Maryland as well as Baltimore.

Amtrak       Information on the Amtrak system; plan a trip and buy a ticket. (The New Carrollton Metro Station is also an Amtrak and MARC station)

Uber/Lyft    How to use Uber/Lyft at Collington.

Taxis:  Femi Ogunlade (240-715-5567) is an independent cab driver who has served Collington residents for a number of years. An associate, Hajj Malik, (202-423-5220) is also highly recommended. Ronnell Brown was a driver here at Collington for fifteen years and now has a car service: 240-286-2663. Residents find him highly dependable. Residents have also had good experience with Community Cab (301-459-4454) and with Franklin Independent Taxi (301-345-6508, cell 301-442-7915.) Be sure to mention you live at Collington.

JBF 11/2023