Dining Services

Chair: Vincent Russell
Meeting time: 1st Wednesday, 10 AM Board Room
Collington Staff: Chris Ramsey

Mission Statement:

To serve in an advisory capacity, through engagement and collaboration with the Culinary Services Staff, to monitor, evaluate and support the provision of healthy, nutritious and appetizing meals for Collington residents in a safe, clean and pleasant environment.

In accordance with the above mission statement, the Committee shall monitor and evaluate the Culinary Services Department in the following areas.

  • To consistently supply nutritious, appetizing, varied and interesting meals for residents
  • To provide meals in a friendly and gracious environment with competent and courteous service
  •  To provide a menu, with easy to understand information, to enable residents to plan and eat well-balanced meals, with consideration for medical and personal variations

In addition, the Dining Services Committee shall:

  • Convene a monthly meeting to discuss, review and determine appropriate actions regarding dining concerns/issues from the residents and the Director of Culinary Services
  • Review policies and procedures to assist in building sound relationships and effective communication between residents and the dining staff
  •  Prepare and distribute and interpret the results of periodic resident surveys for their views and suggestions concerning food services

November 7, 2018


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