1.Please check your calendar for other appointments or conflicts BEFORE signing up.

2.Print your name, unit # and telephone extension on one line in the trip book.

3.Couples are to use one line per person to reserve two seats. one line=one seat

4.Sign up just ONCE for each trip. (We are getting duplicates)

5.Use all numbered lines on the first page before starting on the back/second page.

6.Do not tear off a part of the sign up sheet for note paper. Scrap paper is provided.

7.Do not take the sign up sheet from the trip book. Bianca Williams or Kendall Brown must take the trip sheet at least 48 hours before the trip to arrange transport. Contact Bianca Williams x 4778 or with your questions.

8.  Find a way to recall your trip commitment on your calendar, smart phone alert, etc.

9.  Bus fees for non-resident guests may be charged to a resident’s account if space is still available one week prior to the trip.


We need some assurance that at least 15 people will sign up for a trip in order for it to be scheduled by Resident Services. Trips have to be approved by Karen Chaney and Kendall Brown prior to being scheduled. Resident Services places the sign up sheets in the book and publishes trip information in the Courier. The trip committee provides input and posts schedules on bulletin boards and online. Bus transportation is arranged (and may be cancelled) by Kendall Brown. You will not be charged a fee if Collington has to cancel a trip.

A trip may be cancelled if less than 10 people show up for the trip.

A trip to a venue without shelter from the elements may be cancelled for bad weather.

A trip may be cancelled for emergency bus maintenance or lack of a driver.

You will be charged a $10.00 cancellation fee if you cancel your trip 48 hours or less before the scheduled time of departure. You will be charged the cancellation fee if you forget to show up for the trip. If you can find a replacement who actually takes the trip in your place, you will not be charged for cancellation. To cancel or to be added to a trip after the trip sheet has been pulled from the Sign Up Book, please contact Bianca Williams, Resident Services at x 4778 or bwilliams@

Our bus capacity is 28 people without wheelchairs, 24 people with one wheelchair and 22 people with 2 who are confined to wheelchairs.Those who can transfer to a bus seat are not included in the wheelchair count.


Suggestions for local trips, within about a one hour drive, are welcome if submitted in writing by a resident at least two months before the proposed trip. No anonymous suggestions please. Your contact information is needed for clarification of the request and further input. Forms are available at our DROPBOX located to the right of the trip bulletin board. You can also print the form provided with this document or online under the trip section of the RA activity committees. If you attend a TRIP COMMITTEE meeting to submit your written suggestion, please note that it is the last item under new business and that the venue must be researched before being added as a proposed trip to the agenda for discussion the following month. We need time to plan ahead to get it right. Resident Services keeps a file of the annual subscription series offered and some repeat annual events. Contact Bianca Williams, Resident Services at x 4778.


Forms for comments on trips taken by residents are available at the DROPBOX to the right of the trip bulletin board. You can also print the form provided here with this document. Your feedback on what was good and what was bad about a trip is important in deciding whether to return in the future. Our monthly meeting begins with a review of trips taken since the previous meeting.


Plan to arrive for a trip no later than 10 minutes before the published departure time. Plan to use the same seat both going out and coming back unless there are extra seats available. Be back at the return bus pick-up location at least 5 minutes prior to the time scheduled for departure. It is rude to inconvenience your fellow travelers by being late for scheduled departures. Do not assume that the bus will wait for you.


Each trip is meant to provide a safe, enjoyable activity for Collington Independent Living (IL) residents. Until 2012, the Health Center and IL residents took trips together and were accompanied by a Collington representative. We currently have no way of knowing if our IL residents are physically and/or mentally capable of participating. If you are routinely late for the departure or return bus, if you tend to wander away from the group without notifying anyone, if you can not keep up with the pace, and if you can not arrange for a friend, companion or a caregiver to assist you, we will be unable to accommodate you on these trips. Our venues are deemed to be handicap accessible unless otherwise noted.

Bianca Williams, Resident Services and the members of the trip committee do try to obtain the information needed for a pleasant trip. We try to provide links to online information to help you plan your trip. You are welcome to attend and observe our meetings on the first Tuesday of the month at 4 PM in the Board Room. (Oct 4, Nov 1, Dec 6, 2016) Written suggestions and comments can be submitted via the Dropbox.

Norma Cassell Diane O. Fleming, Chairman x7554

Eleanor Hagan Pat Johns

Pauline Matheo Marilyn Meek

Pat Pritz Cate Ritchie

Eulane Rose Liz Susie

Yvette Temba Floyd Thiel

Bianca Williams, Resident Services

September, 2016

(This document will be reviewed and revised as needed.)