Collington Arboretum Plan

Mission Statement

The mission of the Collington Arboretum is to provide a place of recreation, education, and beauty.

Collington, a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) affiliated with the Kendal Corporation, is located on 125 diverse acres, including woodlands, wetlands, turf grass, and developed areas where residents live.  A rich variety of plant life exists, much of it due to the actions of its staff and residents over Collington’s 32 years of existence.  As a result, it already is a place of much natural beauty, which is enhanced each year with new planting.  The Landscape Master Plan guides the ongoing improvements to the landscape. The grounds continue to provide many recreational opportunities for residents who walk its paved and unpaved trails, use the tennis and pickle ball courts, or play croquet or bocce ball on its lawns.

Establishing an arboretum provides an important opportunity to expand educational efforts.  Although Collington has many trees, very few of them currently are labeled.  The signage process will begin with labels on 25 trees, but we intend to add labels to more plants in the future. This, along with walking tours, will help educate Collington’s 400 residents, 250 staff, and visitors about the rich plant life surrounding them.   


The Collington Arboretum has six objectives, as follows:

To preserve and care for the trees currently inhabiting the arboretum space.

To add and care for new species, both native and exotic.

To educate residents and visitors about basic tree maintenance and care.

To celebrate trees through events within the arboretum and surrounding community.

To allow private or business groups and/or individuals to submit ideas, proposals, or donations for the arboretum in order to encourage community involvement.

To allow approved volunteer groups and/or individuals to work in the arboretum by assisting with the care and maintenance of the trees, plants, and general landscape.


Arboretum development is overseen by the Collington Arboretum Board, consisting of seven residents: five members are from the Grounds Committee and one each from the Climate Action Committee and Collington Foundation Outreach Committee. The President of the Collington Residents Association serves as an ex officio member.

The Board’s work is supported by Collington staff, including the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Director of Facilities, and Horticulturist.  The maintenance of the arboretum will be overseen by the Horticulturist.  Collington’s Director of Facilities will provide necessary labor and staff to supplement the Horticulturist’s efforts. 

Volunteers will be used when needed and will be overseen the Chair of the Grounds Committee, comprised of approximately 60 residents who work cooperatively with Collington’s staff to maintain and enhance the landscape.  The Chair of the Grounds Committee currently also serves as Chair of the Collington Arboretum Board.

Documentation of Trees

A catalog of arboretum trees is kept in a computer database managed by a member of the Collington Arboretum Board (currently, Ms. Alice Nicolson). The database documents many attributes of each tree, including its genus, species, common name, origin, and location on Collington’s grounds.  This archive is updated as needed by the database manager, with assistance from other members of the Collington Arboretum Board and Grounds Committee.

Master Plan

The Collington Arboretum Board is responsible for providing and developing a short-term and long-term plan for the Collington Arboretum, consistent with the Landscape Master Plan developed for Collington’s entire campus.  As with any plan, it may be adjusted as needed.