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Photo abstraction at Collington

inner_harborThere is some fascinating new art work hanging in the corridor outside the Auditorium.  The works are by resident Dave Montgomery, and many residents will likely enjoy the subjects and their colors and presentation.   Here’s what Dave says about his work:

I have hung a show of photo abstraction in the auditorium corridor.

For many years I have been interested in the artistic line between abstraction and reality. How much is necessary within an abstraction to allow a viewer to identify some reality? And is the identification necessary? In other words, why worry about reality if the strength of the picture is its composition or ordering or color or any other criterion applied to an abstraction?

Back to basics, what determines the success of an abstraction if (in the usual case) there is no attempt to connect with reality? My conversations with abstract artists plus attempts at academic analysis lead me to suggest that a significant approach to an abstraction is to view it as a whole. Do not, according to this approach, overly analyze interrelationships nor positions within the picture; just look with open eyes at the whole picture.

However, when I introduce the possibility of a connection with reality, additional options add to the mix in analysis and appreciation. With any positive chance in viewing the result, the observer is able to see the original reality and how that is displayed. The depiction is in itself an artistic endeavor giving more options. I propose that reality within abstraction adds to the possibility for appreciation.

If you visit the third-floor meting room (next to apartment 351), you can see a similar effect with different execution. Look for the building front in Cairo, Illinois.

Other styles and directions are on my website .

The Full Memorial Day Photo

I have used Willard Colby’s wonderful Memorial week Regatta photo as our new header on this website.  Many may want to see the full photo, so here it is:


A Brief Memory of Justice Marshall

The announcement of the film “Marshall“, to be shown in the Collington auditorium on Monday, reminded me of the one time I was lucky enough to even be in the same room with him

When I was in law school, our teacher Tony Lewis, arranged for us to hear a Supreme Court argument, and then to meet with the Justice.

Before we met Marshall, we were reminded that we should never, ever, ever, mention the pending case, or the argument, with him. So Marshall, inevitably, with his impishness and lack of respect for decorum, walked into the room and asked, “So that was a pretty bad argument, was not it?”  (He was right, of course.)

The most important think I remember, however, is that he talked with some deeply felt irritation at the superficiality of the press, recounting specifically when a journalist asked to see him when he was Solicitor General, and how so he prepared with every possible question — and the jornalist came in with “Could you speak at my son’s graduation.”  As we were leaving, I said something to Tony Lewis about how Marshall could see the press clearly and yet still be such a powerful advocate for the First Amendment.  I will remember Tony Lewis’ simple reply all my life.  “That is greatness.”

Marshall told some hysterical anecdotes, such as the time he espied his wife in the gallery watching an abortion case, and had a US marshal deliver a note that said something like:  “Why are you worrying about abortion?” and her sending back the reply “May I remind you that it takes two to tango.”

A great man who never forgot his humanity — and ours.

P.S. Nancy Lively just emailed me  legal bio of Marshall, adding her own personal note:

The law case cited in Anne Arundel County (our neighboring county to Prince George’s) was won by Marshall in 1939.  The man bringing the suit for equal pay for Black teachers was the father of a close friend who is also the pianist in our church.  Her mom and dad were both school principals when we moved to Annapolis in 1968 and we got  to know Valerie in 1972 if memory serves me. This victory was the first in the USA to gain equal pay across race lines and 14 other states quickly followed suit. An elementary school where Mr. Mills was principal is named for him.  Thurgood Marshall made a big impression in Annapolis and is memorialized by a magnificent statue in the most prominent location in town with adoring children across from him also as statues looking with love at his statue. It is located near the place where he often argued cases.

Every time I see Valerie which is weekly I recall her father, his bravery in bring suit and Marshall for the courageous stands this young lawyer took right before the year I was born.  Nancy Lively

Cleaning Up the Lake

Our Weed warriors took advantage of the temporary lowering of the lake to clean up the perimineter.

Garbage collectors.jpg

Schedule and Map for Road Resurfacing

Here, per Karen Boyce, is the detailed planned schedule for the road resurfacing project.  Thanks for the careful planning:  (Obviously the recent rain has thrown this off, but we will update.

Schedule Map

The crew will be on site each day from 7:00am to 7:00pm.

  • Day 1 (August 28th):Install Concrete Curb at Entrance to Apartment Parking Lot / 2 Areas near Security Gate / Asphalt Repair near Apartment Parking Lot (Notes: low – moderate inconvenience)
  • Day 2 (August 29th):Pathways (Notes: low – moderate inconvenience)
  • Day 3 (August 30th):Pathways (Notes: low – moderate inconvenience)
  • Day 4 (August 31st):Pathways (Notes: low – moderate inconvenience)
  • Day 5 (September 1st):Woodshop / Prep Apartment Parking Lot(Notes: The woodshop and the first lane in the Apartment Parking Lot (covered parking spaces and those directly across) need to be cleared of vehicles by 7:00am. No access to woodshop. Low – moderate access to main loop road. No access to covered parking spaces or parking spaces across from these. No overnight parking on 9/1 at these yellow highlighted areas. Vehicles can return to park at 7:00pm on 9/2)
  • Day 6 (September 5th):Pave/Lay New Asphalt in Apartment Parking Lot (Notes: High inconvenience. Entire parking lot needs to be clear of vehicles by 7:00am. Residents can return to park in the lot at 7:00pm.)
  • Day 7 (September 6th):Grind/Dig Up Asphalt on Main Loop Roadway(Notes: moderate – heavy inconvenience. One (1) lane of traffic will continuously be open.)
  • Day 8 (September 7th):Repair Broken Asphalt Areas on Main Loop Roadway (Notes: moderate – heavy inconvenience. One (1) lane of traffic will continuously be open.)
  • Day 9 (September 8th):Pave/Lay New Asphalt on Main Loop Roadway(Notes: moderate – heavy inconvenience. One (1) lane of traffic will continuously be open.)
  • Day 10 (TBD):Rain Date

Please note: For the duration of the work, at times, there will be dirt, dust and miscellaneous debris on roadways. At the end of each work day, all areas will be swept and clean for pedestrians and traffic. Portions of this operation will be noisy and very hot. Please ask or request that all residents respect our working areas and watch from afar, if interested or need be.