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Ainslie Embree, An Ultimate Collingtonian – Memorial Events Now Scheduled

ATE Portrait May 2009

On July 29 (Saturday) at 2 PM, there will be a traditional Episcopal Book of Common Prayer service in the chapel here at Collington to mark the death of Ainslie Embree.  At 3 PM there will be a reception in the Auditorium.  It is understood that some may wish to attend one of these events, and others both.

There seems indeed for me a special need to mark the death, after an astonishingly full life, of Ainslie Embree, perhaps the ultimate Collingtonian.

Ainslie brought a combination of dignity, warmth, intelligence and humility to Collington.  He and his wife Sue quickly became some of our earliest and closest friends.  As one of the internationalist generation, it turned out that we knew surprisingly many in common. His wide knowledge of the world, and of people in it, and his humane wisdom about everything, made every conversation an adventure, which also provided deep reassurance about humanity.

I can not resist sharing two stories.  Outside the dining room, there is a wall festooned with photographs of Collingtonians with heads of state.  (As our son remarked, if you are a head of state, and want to get on that wall, you have to get to know someone at Collington.)  One is of Ainslie talking to Indira Gandhi.  Ainslie pointed out the strange look that the person standing next to him is giving him, and told us that he had asked the man, a missionary, why he was looking at him that way.  According to Ainslie, the man replied, “Because you were being such a suck-up.”  (I wonder how many of that set of photos have similarly ambiguous and fascinating back-stories.)

On another occasion, we were having dinner with Sue and Ainslie and overheard someone at the next table ask, “Are you in Who’s Who?”  After appropriate quiet snickers, we all tried to come up with the perfect come-back.  Ainslie won, hands down with, “Isn’t everybody?” and an immediate return to the topic at hand.

When resident Doris Ball died, I asked Ainslie to use the occasion to draft an appreciation of Dorothy and her husband Robert.  His contribution, which because a much broader appreciation of several of other residents (including, with particular relevance to today, Elliot Richardson), appeared under the heading, Thoughts on Robert Ball, Social Security and Collington’s Unsung Heroes of American Governance.

Collington  has had the good fortune to be the home of many outstanding citizens, with many  of them entitled to belong to the category of what has been called  by  Professor Mashaw  of Yale Law School, “unsung  heroes of American governance.”  Four who come immediately to mind, without selective judgment, are Admiral Bill Crowe, Elliot Richardson, Senator Chuck Percy and Robert Ball.  Each of them, as Kipling put it, walked with kings, but did not lose the common touch, exemplified in their fondness for small parties with fellow residents in their own homes or in those of other residents.

As so often, the appreciation he wrote could have been a mirror held to Sue (a giant in her own right) and himself, although they would be the last to have realized it.  Ainslie’s Wikipedia entry, with all the details, is here. Please read it.  Here, also, is a Unniverity of California TV interview of Ainslie.

The 2017 Collington Memorial Weekend Regatta Photos From Marian Fuchs

Regatta pictures: Here are some pictures of the boats, spectators and event participants at Saturday’s enjoyable event at Collington Lake. First some boats….

Next some happy spectators…









Showcasing Collington Artists and a Silent Auction Opportunity

We have some very special artists  here at Collington, and a silent auction now taking place in the corridor outside the auditorium provides an opportunity for residents to acquire a piece while benefiting the Collington Employee Scholarship Fund.  Here are some photos of the works available, showing how they appear in the impressive display.  There is detailed information about each artist for browsing.

The bidding will continue until 6PM on Tuesday, May 19.  Just put your name and bid on the sheet for the particular work of art.  And, keep an eye out as new bids appear.



Easy Access to Collington News On Twitter Through This Website

If you look above the photo above, you will see a new entry on the main menu, “The Tweeters of Collington.

Click on that, and you get a fully updated display of our tweeters.  Right now, we have identified four: Marvell, Marketing, Kendal, and myself (including all the blog posts on tis site.  Hopefully together these tweets give the beginning of a flavor of what’s going on here.

In the center column is an integrated “timeline,” with the most recent at the top, of all tweets from those sources.  In the right and left columns you can choose to look at any one of the contributing streams.

Of course, we welcome submissions of additional twitter streams from residents, staff, board and potentially other community participants.


An Early Skipjack Regatta

Here is a 1995 Regatta video, with only one skipjack boat.

We’d love to hear of any memories of this event, and also wonder if anyone recognizes any of the faces,

Its also interesting to see how different the margin of the lake looked then.

Thanks to Mary Ann Pellerin for the archiving edit work.