Digital Divide at Collington 2020

By Dennis Evans

This is an analysis of email addresses at Collington and email traffic on the Collington-Discussion Google Group. 

Email Addresses:  There are 379 entries in the August 2020 Telephone Directory that have contact email addresses.  The Photo Directory of the same group of residents has 463 individual photographs.  Overall, 76% of the units have email contact addresses and 24% have no email contact address.  In the Apartments about 40% have email addresses.  In the Creighton Center about 30% have email addresses.



The Collington-Discussion group was formed May 19, 2016.  The number of conversations (common topic, many with multiple email responses) posted per year were: 2016=453; 2017=1381; 2018=1591; 2019=1676; 2020=4230.  During the Covid-19 visiting restrictions the number of post more than doubled. 

Of the 463 (100%) residents listed in the August 2020 Telephone Directory, 283 (61%) were members of the discussion group.  From April 27-August 2, 2020, 167 residents (59% of members of the discussion group) posted 3705 emails to the discussion group.  The distribution of emails is shown in the graph.  The top 25% of the discussion group emails are sent by 4 individuals.  The bottom 25% of the emails are sent by 225 individuals.  There are 125 individuals who sent no emails during the report period.  There is no way to tell how many of the individuals read the emails that are sent.

Cybersecurity for Older Adults

“Cybersecurity for Older Adults”
is a video presentation By Dennis Evans,
Technology-Communications Chair, discussing:

Cybersecurity Best Practices for Older Adults
Quiz: Can You Spot an Online Scam?
Top 5 Hottest Senior Cyber Scams
Cyber Attacks: What Makes Me Vulnerable?
References / Free Software

Contact Dennis if you have any questions.

Get a Skype Demo At Technology Committee Meeting, Thursday, May 11

The Technology Committee will be trying a new format for the Technology Committee meetings.

The first part of the meeting, starting at 9:30, tomorrow Thursday, in the Board Room will be a short business meeting.

Then, around 10AM, we will shift gears to a training and demo on Skype video conferencing. As you know, Skype allows free video calls between pretty much any devices on the Internet. (You can pay for calls to traditional phones.) It works with pretty much all operating systems.

Feel free to come at 10:00 and if you wish, bring a portable unit, and we may be able to try to get your account set up — subject to our availability. Your grandchildren will love you for it.

We are thinking of doing a different training each month. We are starting with Skype because the needs survey, which lots of people answered, showed the highest demand for this training.

Easy Access to Collington News On Twitter Through This Website

If you look above the photo above, you will see a new entry on the main menu, “The Tweeters of Collington.

Click on that, and you get a fully updated display of our tweeters.  Right now, we have identified four: Marvell, Marketing, Kendal, and myself (including all the blog posts on tis site.  Hopefully together these tweets give the beginning of a flavor of what’s going on here.

In the center column is an integrated “timeline,” with the most recent at the top, of all tweets from those sources.  In the right and left columns you can choose to look at any one of the contributing streams.

Of course, we welcome submissions of additional twitter streams from residents, staff, board and potentially other community participants.