Menu For “The Landing” Bistro, and Report on Left-Overs Experiment

Most people already have a good sense of how very good the cooked to order cooking is in our new “Landing”.

But Joan and I have an additional piece of good news to report.  Yesterday, we could not finish our Veggie Pizza at lunch, so took it home and ate it for dinner.

I do not think I have ever eaten a better cold pizza.  I do not know if it is the ingredients, the speed of the cooking, or what, but it was sensational — and totally digestible, even more me.

Not bad, the core of two meals for two folks for, ultimately, $6.

So, here, now on our webpage, is the full current menu.

Where Exactly is this Garden?


At the Landing of course.

the landing

Sometime during the week of 2/26 to 3/2, the long-awaited “Landing” will open.   You can expect your senses to be delighted.  Not only will you experience great tastes and aromas, but no end of consideration has gone into sights and should I say lack of sounds.

One unique treasure is the Garden on the Wall.  The idea was imported from Europe and is now used by many large and famous businesses to enhance their headquarters.  One look and you will understand why.  It does indeed turn our Patio area (where the terrace used to exist) into a bright tranquil space.  Large windows and skylights enhance this atmosphere.

There are “cloud” baffling, sound absorbing wall panels and even the purple sprayed ceilings aid with noise reduction.  The energy-efficient LED dimmable, motion sensor lighting with multiple zones and timers is state of the art.

SONY DSCChris awaiting furniture.

There will be separate sections in the Landing that will also be available for cozy group meals as well as the ability to open the spaces to the max.  These include the dining room adjacent to the kitchen, French doors leading to the Patio, and a Banquette area adjacent to the patio.   Total capacity will be 70 – 80 people.  Coat racks and scooter parking are readily available.


Rob and avRob Reigle fine-tuning the wireless projector and screen.

The Landing will be overseen by our culinary team including Chris, Taimi, and Ana.  Interviews are taking place for an internal promotion for a supervisor, and Mark Thompson will be promoted to sous chef.

Now on to the food.   You can expect a dining experience that will include an extensive menu from which you order food at a counter or even on a stand-alone computer, fill your own drink and then seat yourself.   You will be served your silverware and food.

The menu will include appetizers including Oven Baked Four Cheese mac and cheese, Flatbreads, salads, fresh made sandwiches, soups and combos.  Pizzas from our own wood stone pizza oven, burgers, pasta, rack of lamb, hickory plank salmon, and rib eye steak are all on the menu.  And of course decadent desserts.  Everything will be made to order and there will be many gluten-free options.

SONY DSCChris explaining our pizza oven that can bake six 12 inch pizzas at one time.

There is also a “grab and go” section that will include pre-made salads, sandwiches, yogurts, parfaits, drinks, etc. for those who want a quick bite to go.

Available for your drinking pleasure is a Barista’s Corner with specialty coffees and complimentary regular or decaf coffee and tea.  Premium wine and homemade Collington beer, as well as Coca-Cola products and specialty soft drinks, will be available.

The Landing is planning a “soft” opening, where breakfast will be the first meal available.  Afterwards, small groups will be invited to preview lunches and dinners.  This will allow the staff to ensure all mechanical functions are working, the staff is properly trained, and any initial problems remedied.  We must all be patient – the best is on the horizon – landing soon!

Photos by Sandy Short and Lois Brown