Eye-opening Eco-Facts…


Three members of Collington’s Sustainability Committee visited our local recycling center.  While there, they learned the following startling facts about how long it takes various items of everyday household use to decompose.  The Trip’s Committee may be considering to offer a trip for residents to the center in future.  Here are excerpts from the list they were given on the tour.

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Collington, Kendal and Sustainability

Kendal, the network of which Collington is a part, has a set of 13 goals on sustainability.

The attached is our Sustainability Committee’s Sustainability assessment, lining up goals, progress and additional needed steps with respect to each of those goals.

It has to be read.  The Committee and management are deserving of huge praise for our progress and for this clear monitoring and reporting.



Auditorium Enhancements

Thanks to the Auditorium Committee and Rob Reigle, we have several significant improvements to report:

  • Wireless microphone improvements
  • Wheelchair lift to stage fixed
  • Stage curtains improved
  • Stage lighting improved by raising the stage lighting bar

These before and after photos show the huge impact on stage visibility.



Nice to see quiet progress on such an important core community asset.

Recycling Instructions Now Available on This Website

Collington residents would not be alone if they were confused by the “what goes where when” problem.

So, thanks to the Sustainability Committee and their creation of this simple two page brochure of which one page is shown below, and the full printable version is here.


The brochure is the work of several Sustainability Group Members including Sara Case, Pat Bozeman, Jessica Millstead, Marian Fuchs, Peter Pfund, Jim Giese,and Charlotte Melichar, plus Joan Zorza of the Marketing Committee. It will also be printed and distributed to all independent residents with extra copies to Marketing for incoming residents.

In this community there is no need to underline the importance of following the instructions.