Sounds of Beethoven in the Ivy Room



Tuesday, October 10, residents were treated to duo delights performed by our University of Maryland student intern residents, cellist Samantha Flores and clarinetist Matt Rynes.  They serenaded over 30 residents for about 30 minutes with 2 Beethoven duets.  Everybody loved to hear them, and with good reason.  Read at the bottom of this post for more information on what the two will be up to here in the next few months.

Matt has played the clarinet for about 15 years and is studying for a PhD in Clarinet Performance, and Samantha is a 2nd year Masters student in Cello Performance.  They will be here until next summer but meantime have much planned for our residents.

We can look forward to more short performances in the Ivy Room by them as well as other University of Maryland music students.  Later in October Samantha and Matt are planning a larger and longer performance in the Auditorium.  This will include other musicians (students as well as faculty and professionals) and last about an hour.  Keep your eyes open for flyers and news in the Courier.  These longer performances will also become a more regular feature.

Both Samantha and Matt are also available for music lessons in clarinet, cello and beginner string instruments.   A music reading class, lectures and workshops are also on the horizon.  Clearly both these talented musicians have great affection for Collington and our residents and we reciprocate.

What a Fabulous Sunday Afternoon Concert!

Our Sunday afternoon concerts are often highly attended, as was the case for the recent appearance of Richard Miller, Brazilian guitarist.  Mr. Miller brought his seven-string guitar to Collington to the delight of a full auditorium of Collingtonians.

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro of an American father and Brazilian mother, Mr. Miller is currently a faculty member of Columbia University and performs with frequency in DC and NY.  His repertoire includes classical guitar and Afro/Latin/Jazz compositions as well as Brazilian ragtime, samba, boss nova music and Bach!

If you missed seeing him play here, go to his website for his performance schedule.  See him in DC, you won’t be disappointed.  He will also be fundraising for his first CD due later in 2017.

As always, many thanks to Carol Kempske who arranges for the appearance of our Sunday afternoon artists.


Richard Miller guitarist

Article by Nancy Brown

Picture by Peter Pfund.

June Collngtonian Includes Article and Photo on Our New Steinway Grand

The June issue of the Collingtonian is now out and available digitally here for sharing with family and friends.

It includes a lovely article on our new Steinway Grand.  All reports are that the sound is magnificent.  Here is the Collingtonian article:

In life, resident Constance (Connie) Grisard was known for her love of music, at Collington and throughout the region. A Collingtonian article noted that she was “concerned about the welfare of our aging Steinway grand” piano.

Now, in death, she has confronted that issue. A $50,000 gift from the Constance H. Grisard Trust, supplemented by a $3,120 grant from the Collington Foundation, has given Collington a new Steinway grand, which has been installed in the Auditorium

An inaugural concert May 29 featured pianist Frederick Moyer .  .  .  . A series of dedicatory recitals is planned for the fall. Connie Grisard, who died in December 2014, surely would applaud.

Louise Huddleston on the Death of PG Philharmonic’s Charles Ellis

Louise Huddleston offers these thoughts on the death of Prince Georges Philharmonic’s Charles Ellis.

The Collington community is saddened to hear of the death of Charles Ellis, conductor of the Prince George’s Philharmonic. Over the years, many of us have enjoyed the Philharmonic’s programs and the introductions to the orchestral works which Dr. Ellis gave so brilliantly.

Since this year is the 50th Anniversary of the Philharmonic, Chuck, as he liked to be known, gave tirelessly of his time and energy to make this a truly outstanding year. Collington, the orchestra members, and the community will miss his dedication, energy, musicianship, and outstanding leadership.

Website Editor adds: More information about Maestro Ellis and the planned memorial service (Jan 30, 2016) are here.