Memorial Wall Displayed

Contributed by Marian Fuchs and Mary Kim


Each year on Memorial Day we have a special chapel service sponsored by the Interfaith Committee to remember all those residents and staff who have died during the past year. On display is a Memorial Board listing all those who have died since Collington began in 1988. This Memorial Board has been a project of Mary Ann Pellerin. She is now turning over this project to Mary Kim.

Since the covid-19 pandemic had Collington closed on Memorial Day, the Interfaith Committee arranged for the Memorial Wall to be displayed in the hall near the Chapel during July 17-20 for residents and staff to see.  In the picture are Mary Kim, Mary Ann Pellerin, Pat Johns, Priscilla Lindenauer, Carol Edner and Merrit Edner.



Passover Pictures

It was the first night of Passover, and over 50 people at Collington appropriately celebrated the liberation of the ancient Hebrews from slavery in Egypt, grounding our service in universal themes.  The service was led by Mitchell Naimark, husband of Barbara Naimark, who is our Director of Health Records.  Dining Services did us proud, as did organizer Joan Zorza.  Tim Sabin ended by reading the Declaration of Human Rights, the drafting of which was Chaired by  Eleanor Roosevelt, and adopted without any dissents on December 10, 1948.  Here are some photographs.

The Process for a Quaker Meeting for Worship

As most folks know, on Saturday Sept 24 at 3:00 PM we will have the Memorial Service for Ellen Stamelos.  This will be conducted as a Quaker Meeting for Worship.

While we do not normally announce memorial services on this site, it seems important to explain the process, particularly that it begins by our arriving in silence.  This following may be helpful.

Quaker Meeting for Worship Memorial Service

The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) believe that every human being is endowed with a measure of the Divine Spirit and may directly experience it by yielding mind and heart to the guidance of the Spirit. Tue purpose of Quaker memorial worship is to thank God for the life that has been lived and to help mourners to feel a deep sense of God’s presence.

  1. Enter in silence.
  2. Prepare mind and heart for communication with God and one another.
  3. The Clerk of the Meeting will lead the service.
  4. For Ellen’s service, part way through the service, all attendees will be invited to share how they knew Ellen with the attendees around them.
  5. If you feel moved to speak beyond this communal opportunity, stand and speak briefly. Some microphones will be available.
  6. When someone speaks, listen and show time to contemplate his or her words.

Thanks to all.

Memorial Day At Collington

Here is an 8 minute edited video of the Memorial Day Celebration held in the Interfaith Chapel at Collington today.

We take this as an opportunity not only to celebrate those who sacrificed, but all from this community who died during the year.  Their names are read, and a Wall of all from years past is also on display.  It is a 22 year tradition.

Thanks to all who have participated in organizing this important event over the years.