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The first in this 7 part series was broadcast on our local TV Channel 972, on Saturday, October 10th.  Dr. Bud Gardiner presented a psychological backdrop to the Covid-19 pandemic as well as offering personal insights.

The second introduced us to Women’s history professor and scholar, Dr. Nancy Hewitt  spoke about the effort to grant women’s suffrage including the complexity of African-American women’s efforts. 

This entire series will be shown on select Saturdays at 3 pm. 

The next event is November 7th.  Lyle Denniston retired last year after 72 years in the news business including 62 years covering the United States Supreme Court for various newspapers, magazines and online news organizations.  Although not trained as a lawyer, he taught for eight years at the Georgetown University Law Center and various colleges and universities, and lectured and published widely.  His book, The Reporter and the Law: Techniques of Covering the Courts remains used in newsrooms and in journalism education. 

Future Presentations include: 

  • 11/7 Lyle Denniston – “Is the Constitution Out of Date?” 
  • 11/21 Natalie Groom – “Whistling Hens”
  • 12/5 Phyllis Marsh – “Women’s Rights Worldwide: Finding Ways to Make A Difference”
  • 12/19 Peter Basquin – “Peter Basquin Plays! Piano Masters in Three-Quarter Time”
  • 1/9/21 Katie Basquin & Co. – “Snippets from Samantha Rastles the Woman Question.”

So please join us, as we highlight just a few of us who make Collington our special place.  If you have any questions, please contact Heather Huyck, Lois Brown, or Bonnie Cronin, the “CollingtonPresents” team.

Intergenerational Concert a Delight!

Contributed by Julia Freeman

Musicians-in-residence from the University of Maryland, Natalie Groom and Ieseul Yoen, organized a “Resident Collaboration Concert” in the Collington Auditorium performing to a full house. The work put in by both the residents and students showed in the performances for which the audience gave enthusiastic approval.


Performances are pictured:

  • Mary McCutchan, flute, Ieseul Yoen, piano;
  • H.D. Kim, Voice, Iseul Yoen, piano (Korean songs);
  • Mary McCutchan and Ieseul Yoen, piano;
  • Ieseul Yoen, piano, Natalie Groom, clarinet, Sheri Feldman, soprano, (University of Maryland) performing songs written by Ann Bauer, resident;
  • Ann Bauer explaining the context of her compositions;
  • Don Zelman and Natalie Groom, clarinet (Mozart Basset Horn Duets);
  • Micky Noble, piano, Natalie Groom, clarinet, Polkas – with Helen Swensen and then Helen and Ed Robbins dancing.

What fun!  Thank you Ieseul and Natalie!