Saying Goodbye and Thank You to Amy Harrison

It is getting sadly too close to Amy Harrison’s last day here, before she transitions to her new and equally important for us role as CFO at Kendal.

The least we can do it put up this photo by Peter Pfund of her getting a thank you for Resident Association President Mike McCulley.

Amy steered our financial ship through some challenging waters, and brought us through to some very smooth and exciting sailing ahead.  The whole community will be forever in her debt.



John Diffey’s Fond Farewell Speech Video

Many of us who were present very much enjoyed, indeed were moved by, the “fond farewell” talk that John Diffey, former Kendal CEO, gave here at Collington about a month ago.

I am very happy that this website is able to share the video of that talk.  Here it is.
The original video was posted by Richard Zorza.

It was yet another reminder of how our Kendal affiliation is about far more than technical capacity, it is also about values, vision, trust in people, and hope for the future.

Home Swap Demo and Training Reminder Tomorrow Friday

The Kendal Home Swap launch is tomorrow, Friday, at 2:30 PM in the Auditorium, after the Community Meeting. A wonderful opportunity to expand our community by exchanging units with other Kendal residents for fixed time periods.  For more info, click here.The Kendal Home Swap Program Comes to Collington.

Here is the map of the Kendals:


So, dream a little.


New Kendal CEO Formally Announced

We here share the formal media announcement of the taking to the helm at Kendal of Sean Kelly.  This is particularly good news for us, since Sean has had a long relationship with Collington.  It was he who in his earlier role at Kendal negotiated and managed our integration into the Kendal Network.

As the formal press release says:

While at Kendal, Kelly has been responsible for leading and managing organizational efforts aimed at fostering new opportunities for growth, while supporting planning and development initiatives for existing Kendal communities. Kelly himself is well known in the aging services field and has been a frequent speaker around the country, and beyond, on numerous topics.

Kelly joined Kendal in 2008 after 11 years with Connecticut-based Retirement Living Services — a development, finance, marketing and operations consultant to senior housing and service providers throughout the United States. In 1992, Kelly graduated from Ursinus College in Collegeville with a bachelor’s degree in international relations, and in 2014 he completed an Advanced Management Program at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

This is also an important moment to note the huge contributions that retiring CEO John Diffey has made not just to Kendal and Collington, but to the entire aging services field.

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Kendal Network Set to Launch Home Swap for Residents

For years, some of us have fantasized about the possibility of swapping homes with residents of other Kendals on a short term basis.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful, we would ask, if we could stay for a time close to New York, in Chicago, near Philadelphia, near Dartmouth or Oberlin or the Western Mass schools, or at other Kendals.

Seems like our murmurings, and surely those of others, have borne fruit.  Look at the front inside cover of the new Kendal Annual Report, distributed in mailboxes today, and this appears:

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