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Grant and Margaret Bagley Appearing in This Play about Teresa of Avila, Starting July 14 at Greenbelt Arts Center.

This folks, is your chance to see Grant Bagley as an Inquisitor and Margaret as a nun.  You have been warned!  (Review here.)


Opens July 14, Greenbelt Arts Center


by Anthony Ernest Gallo
Directed by Beatrix Whitehall
A guest production from Seventh Street PlayhouseAll Teresa of Avila wants is to open Carmelite convents and attain an elevated state with God. First, she has to deal with a nervous novice, two lusty friars, a nosy Royal mistress, the Church hierarchy, and the Spanish Inquisition. Will she survive?Featuring: Emily Canavan, Renate Wallenberg, Margaret Bagley, Hazel Thurston, George Spence, John Starrels, James McDaniel, Beatrix Whitehall, Grant Bagley, Steve Rosenthal, Sam Simon, and Rodney Ross.

July 15, 15, 21, & 22 at 8PM
July 16 & 23 at 2PM

Ticket prices: $22 General Admission, $20 Students/Seniors/Military, $12 Youth (12 and under with adult)
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Video News on Beginning of Demolition for New Dining Space at Collington

Here is the breaking news update:

Looks Like the Obama Family Is looking Into Retiring to Collington (Humor)

The evidence so far is slim, but here it is.  Yesterday there was only one non-US view to our website, and that was from Kenya.


The family is coordinating.  What other explanation could there be?

Seriously, wouldn’t a good way to think about our strategic planning process be to ask how we could make this a place the Obamas would want to come to?

And, its true, we don’t discriminate against those of Kenyan birth.

The Frances Kolarek History Challenge

Our lady of humor, insight and directness, Frances Kolarek, asks, “Who can identify what these earrings were originally?


A New Way for Collington To Raise Money

Even the very best run organization can find a use for extra money.  So, here is a modest proposal.  We all know that many of us here love going to meetings (even if complaining about them is half the fun).  Many of us, after all, are recovering bureaucrats.  So if you want to go to meetings, you should have to pay an extra fee.  Chairs pay an extra itemized fee.

Of course, others hate meetings.  So they would have to pay a fee not to go the meetings.

The trick is getting both groups of people to pay without the other knowing .  .  .  .

Suggestions welcomed.