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Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Contributed by Marian Fuchs

On Monday March 18 some happy Collington revelers came to the Ivy Bar to drink green beer or white wine and celebrate this famous holiday.  Ana and Yolanda poured the drinks, and many smiling folks imbibed them.

Mardi Gras Fun

contributed by Julia Freeman

Mardi Gras was celebrated with food and music – and the auditorium was full.  Thanks to the CollingKats for the live music that had folks dancing! Thanks also to Dining Services for the delicious food.

Celebrating the Flower Committee and the Camera Club

contributed by Julia Freeman

Collington residents, including members of the Flower and Camera Corner committees, filled the auditorium for presentations highlighting the committees’ work.

Pat Duggan, chair of the 40-50 member Flower Committee, spoke for the committee in remembering Bill Preston. Bill passed away recently but was known by all and had contributed so much to the Flower Committee at all levels. Not only did he grow flowers for the committee but he also had been active in collecting flowers from funeral homes.

Joe Howard and Peggy Latimer had prepared a fun PowerPoint presentation on the work of the Flower Committee, but the computer gods kept the presentation brief. Fortunately, cookies were offered to assuage the disappointment. Two pictures from the presentation show Pat Pritz receiving a call to pick up flowers and “clippers and strippers” preparing the flowers.

Bud Gardiner’s presentation on behalf of the Camera Corner went smoothly. Attendees were awed by pictures submitted by the committee members: Bud Gardiner, Joyce Garrison, Bill Colby, Anita Myers, John Hindinger, Peggy Latimer, Bill Kate, and Mike McCulley. A very few of the pictures are shown below.


Early November Events

Contributed by Marian Fuchs

Look out for lots of events coming in the first 10 days of November, including:

  • Opening of the new Frame Shop on Nov 1
  • Talk on trends in life care – and how this affects Collington’s future on Nov 5
  • Voting on Nov 6!!!
  • Health Services Alliance ‘Charrette’ on Nov 7 and 8 (must preregister)
  • Holiday Bazaar on Nov 9

Artists in Residence

By Marian Fuchs
Two photogenic new musicians have come to our campus this month.  Sandy Short (of the Marketing Office) sponsored a meet-and-greet for the two young women on September 12.   In the pictures, wearing a black top is Melissa, who plays the clarinet.  Ria, who plays piano, is in a white top.  Their first concert will be on September 24th!