Collington Foundation Fundraising Dinner Photos


Here are a few of the many attendees at the Collington Foundation extravaganza on May 19. The photographer apologizes profusely to all whose pictures were either not taken, or for whom the photo did not come out good enough to share.

Congratulations to the Foundation organizers and board for putting on such a successful and enjoyable evening. And thanks to the artists whose work allowed the Foundation to add over $4000 to its scholarship fund.


Showcasing Collington Artists and a Silent Auction Opportunity

We have some very special artists  here at Collington, and a silent auction now taking place in the corridor outside the auditorium provides an opportunity for residents to acquire a piece while benefiting the Collington Employee Scholarship Fund.  Here are some photos of the works available, showing how they appear in the impressive display.  There is detailed information about each artist for browsing.

The bidding will continue until 6PM on Tuesday, May 19.  Just put your name and bid on the sheet for the particular work of art.  And, keep an eye out as new bids appear.