Building Committee

Chair: Ann Marie Rahn
Vice Chair: John Barker
Secretary: Barbara Anderson
Meeting time: 2nd Wednesday, 11 AM
Collington Staff:  Gene Davis; Lula Jones

MISSION STATEMENT – adopted June 28, 2017  reviewed at the October 10, 2018 meeting

Part of Collington’s Statement of Philosophy reads that we will provide our residents “with a physical and emotionally secure environment offering the widest range of serve for their varying needs…”

The Buildings Committee endeavors to support that philosophy by working with the Collington administration to keep the facilities attractive, user-friendly and well maintained. It works with the staff to ensure that the environment in which we live is safe, secure and sustainable. The Buildings Committee advocates for all Collington residents.


Auditorium Support and Audio Visual Sub-Committee: Terry Drown and Marilyn Haskel, Co-Chairs

Climate Action Subcommittee: Mike Burke, Chair

Interiors Group Subcommittee: Helen Lauck and Pat Duggan, Co-Chairs  Meets intermittently as needed

Transportation & Security Subcommittee: Joey Drown, Chair

Updated: 20221012 DCE