Oral History Program for Collington

Alistair Cooke, journalist and great story teller, was able to weave separate threads to provide prospective and insight to his chosen subject. His tone and cadence were compelling in his weekly, much loved, Letter From America. Alistair Cooke has left us with a rich resource of observations and ideas which ran as a commentary through his years.

People have frequently asked us (Jenny and me) for our reasons for moving to Collington. The location is near Washington, DC with its cultural offerings, Annapolis and the Chesapeake Bay, Johns Hopkins, an interesting array of transportation with rail, Metro, and three airports, not forgetting, of course, Wegman’s.  The people are low key and thoughtful, socially aware, experienced in very diverse areas of personal and professional exploits and not only respectful of individual autonomy but reluctant to become the center of the discussion. We have enjoyed hearing the life stories of our new-found friends. And so the notion of an oral history program, at Collington, has gradually emerged in which our personal and professional histories could provide interest and value to others as well as to our families. Continue reading “Oral History Program for Collington”