Photo show 2021

Visit the auditorium corridor to view Dave Montgomery’s sixth solo photo show at Collington. “Twofers” displays pairings of photographs that I have taken.

The origin of many of the diptychs may be clear; e.g. the “Cairo Market” names the site of my photographs; but appreciation of several others may be helped with more description:
The “Kitchen X” uses two different views of a grapefruit corer that I found in Maryland’s Sandy Spring Museum.
“Aligned” pairs two pictures that I shot in Xian, China. One, the terra-cotta army, thousands of life-size, hand-molded figures, is known world-wide. The other paired photo was snapped in a nearby tourist store.
“Spears” started on a slope of Oregon’s Crater Lake with fumaroles that were formed under sheets of volcanic pumice. The associated spear head I captured at the Sandy Spring Museum.

The exhibit is scheduled to hang through December 2021.


Have you walked in the Auditorium Corridor lately? Here is a reason to tread it again.

This is Dave Montgomery’s fifth show in a Collington corridor. Other work by Dave is displayed in the third-floor meeting room.

This show represents an extreme step in my moving away from “straight” photography. Each piece started as a photograph that I captured in my usual single-lens reflex camera, but I copied the digital image into my computer in order to make it more abstract and more attractive in the process. Yes, this is Photoshop. I hope the fun that I had in the procedure shows in the product.

The results show an unusual combination of experimentation and judgment. After trying out a photo manipulation on the computer screen, I had to decide what else I might do to make the appearance better according to my own perspicacity. I was often surprised, and – often enough – pleasantly surprised by the experiment.

The show will be up until mid-December. All works are printed with archival inks. Matting uses archival materials. A percentage of any sales goes to the Residents’ Association. Contact Dave at extension 5079 or

Marion Show

contributed by David Montgomery

If the auditorium corridor is not in your usual traffic pattern these days, make a special point to walk down it. Marion Robbins has a show of her photographs on display. Of the total 18 pictures, 16 were taken around the Collington campus. Mostly close-ups, the show gets you close to nature. A noteworthy feature of these photos is that they were captured on Marion’s mobile phone. The quality of the show points out the importance of having a “good eye.” You do not need a professional single-lens reflex camera (SLR) if you know how and when to click the shutter of a more personal camera.. (You may be better off with a phone.) Marion’s show demonstrates that she is observant.

A hint on viewing pictures in the show: while the color is obvious, look particularly at the texture.

Wild Animals

Contributed by Dave Montgomery

Jon Dee returns to Collington with his amazing photos of wild animals. This show, his fifth at Collington, will be up in the library corridor until December. Jon loves both to travel and to take photographs, a fortunate blend producing travel photos ranging from Alaska to South Africa.

Beyond simply being alert, he has captured action through a combination of being in the right place at the right time and taking many shots, a practice encouraged by his use of digital photography. One outstanding picture in the show caught a killer whale breaching next to his boat in Alaska.

Jon often carries two cameras, allowing his use of lenses with different characteristics without having to remove and attach lenses in the middle of a shoot.

The son-in-law of Collington residents Anne and Herb Stone, he considers himself a snowbird, with a condo in Arizona. Future trips may take him to our national parks.