An Atul Gawande Approach at Collington?

Much discussion has erupted among Collington residents recently about whether the one social worker we have for all independent living residents is sufficient. The heads of all the Resident Association’s  operating committees have called for additional social workers for independent residents. As of now, Collington’s proposed 2016 budget does not include funds for this purpose.  But there is something else in the budget narrative that sounds not only interesting but potentially more far-reaching than just the number of social workers. It’s called Vitalize 360, a program pioneered at Hebrew SeniorLife’s Orchard Cove, one of the senior living homes cited positively by Atul Gawande in his book “Being Mortal.” Continue reading “An Atul Gawande Approach at Collington?”

Recycling Gone Awry

Facilities staff members responsible for Collington’s recycling program are having a problem with trash being dumped in recycling bins in the apartment building.  When this happens, someone has to go through the recycling bins and remove yucky garbage items that have been thoughtlessly tossed there.   Continue reading “Recycling Gone Awry”