Photo show 2021

Visit the auditorium corridor to view Dave Montgomery’s sixth solo photo show at Collington. “Twofers” displays pairings of photographs that I have taken.

The origin of many of the diptychs may be clear; e.g. the “Cairo Market” names the site of my photographs; but appreciation of several others may be helped with more description:
The “Kitchen X” uses two different views of a grapefruit corer that I found in Maryland’s Sandy Spring Museum.
“Aligned” pairs two pictures that I shot in Xian, China. One, the terra-cotta army, thousands of life-size, hand-molded figures, is known world-wide. The other paired photo was snapped in a nearby tourist store.
“Spears” started on a slope of Oregon’s Crater Lake with fumaroles that were formed under sheets of volcanic pumice. The associated spear head I captured at the Sandy Spring Museum.

The exhibit is scheduled to hang through December 2021.