Have you walked in the Auditorium Corridor lately? Here is a reason to tread it again.

This is Dave Montgomery’s fifth show in a Collington corridor. Other work by Dave is displayed in the third-floor meeting room.

This show represents an extreme step in my moving away from “straight” photography. Each piece started as a photograph that I captured in my usual single-lens reflex camera, but I copied the digital image into my computer in order to make it more abstract and more attractive in the process. Yes, this is Photoshop. I hope the fun that I had in the procedure shows in the product.

The results show an unusual combination of experimentation and judgment. After trying out a photo manipulation on the computer screen, I had to decide what else I might do to make the appearance better according to my own perspicacity. I was often surprised, and – often enough – pleasantly surprised by the experiment.

The show will be up until mid-December. All works are printed with archival inks. Matting uses archival materials. A percentage of any sales goes to the Residents’ Association. Contact Dave at extension 5079 or