Intergenerational Concert a Delight!

Contributed by Julia Freeman

Musicians-in-residence from the University of Maryland, Natalie Groom and Ieseul Yoen, organized a “Resident Collaboration Concert” in the Collington Auditorium performing to a full house. The work put in by both the residents and students showed in the performances for which the audience gave enthusiastic approval.


Performances are pictured:

  • Mary McCutchan, flute, Ieseul Yoen, piano;
  • H.D. Kim, Voice, Iseul Yoen, piano (Korean songs);
  • Mary McCutchan and Ieseul Yoen, piano;
  • Ieseul Yoen, piano, Natalie Groom, clarinet, Sheri Feldman, soprano, (University of Maryland) performing songs written by Ann Bauer, resident;
  • Ann Bauer explaining the context of her compositions;
  • Don Zelman and Natalie Groom, clarinet (Mozart Basset Horn Duets);
  • Micky Noble, piano, Natalie Groom, clarinet, Polkas – with Helen Swensen and then Helen and Ed Robbins dancing.

What fun!  Thank you Ieseul and Natalie!

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