Transit of Mercury

Contributed by Dennis Evans

The planet Mercury moved across the face of the Sun on November 11, 2019.  It will not repeat such a transit again until 2032.  A 2 minute 48 second video of the transit images has been prepared from 54 images that were taken during the  5-1/2 hour event.


Dennis Evans, Apartment 254, has been an Astronomer Member of the Slooh Community Observatories since 2012. ( He captured the live images of Mercury from the Canary-Five Solar telescope that were assembled into the video. For details of the Canary-Five Solar telescope, click here.

One thought on “Transit of Mercury

  1. I wonder how many other CCRCs have a video of the transit of Mercury on their resident web site. This is a wonderful illustration of the rich diversity of interests and backgtrounds of Collington residents. Thank you!

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