Collins Exhibit

Contributed by David Montgomery

Fishing Village by Yu

Selections from the art collection of Don and Judy Collins are now on display in the auditorium corridor. The works now hung represent about a fifth of all the Collins pieces. Anne Stone selected works for this exhibit.

The Collinses started their collection in the 1970’s. Don gives credit for his art appreciation to courses he took. Their choice of purchases has been based on esthetics; the selection is just what they enjoy. Much of their work comes from Connecticut and New Jersey, where ships and coastal scenes catch their eyes. Purchases have found an emphasis on pieces found at the Mystic Art Festival in Connecticut. Their collection, focusing on contemporary artists, covers all media.

The Collington exhibit emphasizes water colors. Six of the pieces were painted by renowned artist John A. Brunner (1868-1948), a great uncle of Don.

Don and Judy intend to add to their collection, and Mystic will be on their purchase itinerary.

One thought on “Collins Exhibit

  1. I am puzzled by the one picture whose artist is not named. As I remember it now, it depicts a street of very nice houses in light that gets brighter toward the back, away from the viewer, as the street becomes a body of water, and the next house has a boat tied up in front. Beautifully done artist’s fantasy.

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