A Successful Holiday Bazaar​!

Contributed by Marian Fuchs

The 2017 Holiday Bazaar, held on November 3rd, will likely yield $3800 for the Resident Association coffers when late orders for salmon and pork smoked by Mike McCulley are factored in.

The entire Auditorium was filled with tables, with residents selling everything from food to clothes, plants, books, crafts and jewelry.  It was festive and enjoyable, and a win-win for all attendees.


Three knitters were selling their productions:  Ruth Hazen, Pat Kirkham and Jane Miller.   At the left, is Sue Regen, who was selling the lovely wood holiday decorations she makes here at Collington.


Two librarians, Barbara Fairchild and Barbara Florini, were manning the book sale stalls


Beaders Marlane Liddell and Marianne Mann were selling jewelry


Clara Fetters was selling pretty hand-made boxes for $1 each


Bill Preston was explaining to buyers just how to eat the persimmons he brought to sell at the bazaar.

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