Collington blooms at the end of summer…

By Marian Fuchs, photo editor


It’s been sad to see the leaves turning so early this year.  But Collington still has plenty of flower viewing left for you to enjoy.  Here are some examples from the Hilltop Garden, which you can visit for yourselves, ideally in the early morning of a sunny day.


In addition to the marigolds, cosmos, asters and daisies, there are still a few sunflowers, and lots of zinnias in full bloom.  Below are a few samples.

And some other close-up blooms…

There are still multi-colored morning glories along the garden fence…

morning glory

And a number of flowers whose names I do not know…


Many thanks once again to our talented photo editor and to our amazing gardeners!  Our community is more beautiful because of your efforts.

One thought on “Collington blooms at the end of summer…

  1. Your garden is still healing all who see those colorful blooms. Color therapy is the best medicine ♥️

    Keep working hand-in-hand with all the gifts Nature offers so freely. Everyone benefits and is instantly uplifted.

    In Gratitude,
    Olivia Simpson Ellis
    After visiting Poet Robert Mezey

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