Collington and Climate Change

What can individual and collective citizens of what now might be seen to be a “rogue nation” do?

These thoughts, that are obviously not necessarily those of Collington, Kendal, the Resident Association, or others here, were recently posted in slightly different form on a different blog.  The are shared here in the hope that they may be of use in triggering discussion in this and other such communities as we consider the implications of our stewardship obligations and opportunities.  (Alternative points of view from those connected to our communities, very welcome.)

If you can, buy goods made in states that are making every effort to comply with Paris goals.  The less industrial activity in non-compliant states, the lower the emissions.

If you can not make a US “Humanity First” purchase, consider the costs and benefits of buying goods made in countries that are still committed to meeting the Paris goals.  (Yes, its hard to boycott your own country, and there will be political blow-back, but surely environmentally it is the logical thing to do (after considering transportation issues).  After all, tragically, lessened industrial activity in the US will reduce worldwide emissions.

Make investment decisions based on companies, states’ and countries’ efforts to support the Paris goals.

Encourage organizations to make their decisions on the same criteria. .  .  .

Accelerate your planting and environmental plans, personally and organizationally.


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