Spring at Collington

Marian Fuchs writes:

The Beauty of the Collington Pond

Our Collington Pond lies nestled between the 5000s and the 5100s. Its area is hardly bigger than a cottage cluster, but at some times of the year, like now, it could be miles away from all human life. You can see it from the perimeter road, but the best views are from the wooden bridge, which you can access from the tarred path between 5108 and 5107.




In mid May 2017, there are yellow iris all around the edges, and birds are singing from the surrounding trees.   Along the dirt path from the bridge to the perimeter road tiny daisies are beneath your feet. And you can see a clump of blue iris on your left.

The Collington Pond is but one of the many beauty spots of our lovely campus.



Peter Pfund, from Berlin added this lovely one


Jane Engel sends this perspective from another season.


Update and suggestion from Marian here.

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  1. This is my absolute go to morning walk. It is a treasure just as sunrises in Maine were. Thanks for the fabulous pictures!

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