Appreciating Jodi Cramer As She Leaves Collington

Yesterday we experienced the Collington Community at its very best.

At a party in the Auditorium, we said our thankful and heartfelt goodbyes to Jodi Cramer as she leaves Collington for a new job, much closer to her home.

There is something so special about how Jodi, as part of the Dining Services staff, reached out at a human level to so many residents.  As you will see from the various remarks (and hugs) on the video below, Jodi has evoked some very strong feelings of thanks.

Indeed, one of her greatest legacies, also underlined by the video, is the changing of vision of what is possible in terms of connection between staff and residents.  Below is the video, shot last year, which Jodi’s perspective on her role is used to link together a number of residents’ thoughts.  That surely fits.  (No, that is not Jodi’s picture!)

Thinking through how we can build on and enhance that legacy, and the values of community as extended family that it reflects, is a good challenge for the Strategic Planning Group.