Hearing Loss, Speaking Capacity, Communication and Community

On April 20, we will hear in the Auditorium from Janice Trent of Hearing Healthcare Services, a local audiologist.

The presentation is being billed as a help to those who want to communicate with those with hearing loss.


As a general matter, I think this is a very important first step for Collington.

I have  come to realize that hearing loss and inability to have reciprocal communications not only hurts the people directly involved in the attempted conversation, but also the community as a whole.  One way of looking at it is that the community is deprived of your full contributions, engagement, ideas and energy.  (I know that whenever I see a video of my speaking I am embarrassed by how much I swallow words.)

My suggestion is that we should think about communication, including both articulation and hearing, as a strong community value, and should be thinking of myriad ways in which we can articulate that value.

One such would be to offer free hearing exams to all who are coming to Collington.  No obligation to get a hearing aid, but one to know how you are doing in the hearing department.  Similarly those who have clarity expression difficulties would greatly benefit from information, demonstrations and training.

This the kind of thing that follows logically from the values of community and communication espoused in our strategic plan.

2 responses to “Hearing Loss, Speaking Capacity, Communication and Community

  1. Don’t forget to come and hear Dr. Trent TODAY at 2 PM in the auditorium!

  2. Something that not all audiologist mention is sometimes it’s not that you can’t hear, but it’s taking you longer to process the spoken word. Speaking more slowly can help.