Book Club News: Booker and Beyond

Book Clubs have always been an important part of the culture of Collington.  So today we are highlighting a note from Dorothy Yuan about one of our book clubs.  I am sure she would welcome your thoughts and ideas.

One of the book clubs in the Collington Community used to be called the “Booker Book Club” because the selections were all from Booker Prize winners or those short-listed for the Prize. In order to broaden the selection to a broader range, members have been asked to submit titles that they have read and would like to have discussed. For this reason the name of this book club has been changed to “Booker and Beyond”.

There were thirteen in attendance for the Book Club meeting on October 10, to discuss “The Kingdom of Ice” by Hampton Sides.  Many thanks to Zora Hesse, who gave a good synopsis of this interesting book and posed many thought-provoking questions to lead off the discussion.

From a list submitted previously, members voted for the books to be discussed at the next three meetings.  These are as follows:

November 14th Selection: “Pachinko” by Min Jin Lee, suggested by Dorothy Yuan

December 12th Selection: “Home Fire” by Kamila Shamsie, suggested by Sara Case

January 9th Selection: “Pearl” by Mary Gordon. Suggested by Linda Ewald

In addition to current members we welcome all interested residents. Even if you do not have time to read the particular book, you are welcome to attend.  Our highly varied backgrounds make for some very interesting discussions.  Do join us in the First Floor Meeting Room.

All are welcome to come to the meeting.  But if you have a book that you think the group would enjoy, please send me the selection and I will add it to the list to be voted on next time.  However, the group has decided that if you suggest a book, you will have to be prepared to lead the discussion.