“Technology Innovation” in CCRCs at 1 PM in the Auditorium on Tuesday, Jan 31

At 1 PM in the Auditorium on Tuesday, the Strategic Planning Committee will present Majd Alwan from LeadingAge who will talk about “Trends in Technology in CCRCs.”  He is Senior Vice President of Technology and Executive Director of the LeadingAge Center for Aging Services Technologies.

This will be an excellent opportunity for all of us to stretch ourselves to think as creatively as possible about how we can use technology not only to make what we do more efficient, but also to do things we want to do, but fear have been impossible.

While we will hear about health technologies such as remote monitoring, the presentation is planning to go far more broadly into community building, personal potential maximization, partnering engagement, and other envelope pushing issues.

I would encourage folks to think about these things as a way of being part of a creative conversation with Majd.

By way of example, in your life, have you seen technology make things possible that you just thoguht would never be?  Maybe there are things like it we could do here.

What are the things that you think are impossible for our community?  Then we can think about how technology might make them possible.

What are the things we value most here that we want to find ways to make concrete and real?  Maybe if we brainstorm we will find ways to use technology to do so.

Having talked to Majd aout this session, I know he is very much looking forward not only to sharing his knowledge and ideas, but also to engaging in a back and forth with as varied and innovative community as ours.

See you there.

P.S.  I would urge people to come and enjoy, even if you do not have answers these questions.  Who knows, after listening, you may.