Preparations for the Post Inaugural

Here at Collington, quite a lot of energy is going into getting ready for the January 21 March.

Among them:

There is going to be a system of shuttle drivers to get people to and from the Metro, backed up by a telecommunication system.

The Collingtonian is getting ready to collect impressions and photos.

A videographer grandson plans to make a video of residents’ reactions. (To volunteer contract resident Doris Walsh)

There is a determined (if surely unnecessary) effort to ensure the presence of men.

There will be a sign-making party earlier in the week.

Lots of people are reporting friends coming from out of town to stay with them for the event.

There is a hat knitting team (rather anarchisticaly organized) bringing together yarn, knitters and the needed patterns.  Here is a photo of a hat.



All quite a big deal here.  You see what happens when there are ex-military folks around, good logistics!  (By the way, Joan, pictured, was taught to knit by Danish sailors, who were shocked at an America child who, at seven years of age, did not have anything productive to do.

More planning details are available on our internal list.  Stay tuned for a fuller report.

By the way, I would be very happy to report any similar plans that those who wish to celebrate the day of the inauguration itself might be developing.  So far I have not heard any plans, so if there are any, do get in touch.


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