One thought on “New Collingtonian Has Pearl Harbor Memories

  1. Richard,

    Add one more.

    I was pushing 4 years old that Sunday, and Mom called Pop at work to say to come home. Pop was a pacifist, and the editor of the newsletter put out in Washington by the America First Committee — Alice Roosevelt Longworth and all the rest of them. With the bombing announcement, Mom in effect was telling Pop that his job was over, come on home. We had spent Saturday moving into Kaywood Gardens, newly built in Mt. Ranier. Came Monday, Pop had recently bought a small GE table radio. Mid-day, amid dish barrels and packing boxes, we hosted a couple of delivery-type men, probably mail, maybe milk, maybe some neighbors — and we all listened to FDR’s address to Congress. Whenever I have heard the recording of that opening line, I get the shivers. Two years later, Pop memorized the eye chart and successfully enlisted in the Navy.

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