Inputting Into Our Strategic Planning Process

In response to a request made at the Resident Association Council, here is information on how to input into the strategic planning process.

While there is an active discussion going on in the Committee about ways to get as much input as possible, and indeed to develop a formal communication plan, there are already a number of ways to input into the discussion.  I think it is fair to say that everyone on the Committee wants an “action agreement” to emerge, and agrees that that can only happen with wide communication.  Here are at least some of the obvious ways:

Talk To, or E-Mail, Workgroup Co-Chairs

Here is the listing of the groups and their co-chairs:

Finance:  Co-chairs: Dick Garrison & Gerry Perez
Human Capital:  Co-chairs: Denny Klass & Cindy Medlock
Health Services:  Co-chairs: Peter Fielding & Julia Freeman
Campus Infrastructure & Physical Environment:  Co-chairs:  Alice Nicolson & Karen Boyce
Community Outreach:  Co-chairs: Ken Burton & Susan Deller
Serving Moderate & Low-Income Seniors:  Co-chairs: Larry Harris & Joe Howell
Collington’s Culture: :  Co-chairs:  Kay Laughton & Nancy Lively
Inter-generational Engagement:  Co-chairs: Mike Nolin & Helen Lauck

Use the Private E-mail List

As you know, everyone with an email is subscribed to our private internal e-mail list.  So, if you want a discussion or “ground-swell” to emerge, writing to this list is the way to do it.  Everyone has been sent an email on how to do so.  If you do not know, send me an e-mail and I will respond with instructions.

Commenting on this Blog Post

For a period, there will be a comment button on the bottom of this post.  You may click it and I will approve it, provided it is appropriate for the whole public Internet.  If you are not sure if this is the case, contact me, and we can discuss it.

Talking to Management

I am sure that all the managers involved would welcome input and the opportunity to discuss what is going on.

Operating Committees

Again, there is significant overlap between the operating committees and the strategic planning groups, so the operating committees can be a forum for input and discusion.

Community Meeting

I am sure that Marvell with respond helpfully to questions that are appropriately asked in that environment.

I hope these suggestions will help get things going.  It is great that so many want to participate.  We are building a community and plan that reflects the vision, diversity, energy, and hopefulness of residents and all our stakeholders.  Perhaps the most important product of the process will be a committement to a culture of communication that reflects these possibilities.

One thought on “Inputting Into Our Strategic Planning Process

  1. I for one am less interested in direct input. But I am interested in staying up-to-speed on developments, especially on the range of ideas being put forth. And maybe especially about those that get few adherents. I’m interested to keep up with the factors that are major influences on discussion, not to mention affecting early choices of direction and priority.

    I’d really like to hear a report from the Committee at RA Council meetings these next few months. Our current reports of things recently past can be less than gripping. Monthly reports from the Committee about how our future is shaping up — or how they are proposing to shape it up on our behalf — would be really great. Please tell us — What may we look forward to?

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