Strategic Planning Launch Document Highlights Breadth and Openness of the Initiative

Just released, the new Collington Strategic Plan Development Phase Launches Document illustrates what a big moment this is.  I am not going to summarize — just read it.

But it does seem worth it to note a few points of particular interest to residents, and friends in our broader communities.

The Breadth of Topics

The eight topics, together with their co-chairs, are:

Finance:  Co-chairs: Dick Garrison & Gerry Perez
Human Capital:  Co-chairs: Denny Klass & Cindy Medlock
Health Services:  Co-chairs: Peter Fielding & Julia Freeman
Campus Infrastructure & Physical Environment:  Co-chairs:  Alice Nicolson & Karen Boyce
Community Outreach:  Co-chairs: Ken Burton & Susan Deller
Serving Moderate & Low-Income Seniors:  Co-chairs: Larry Harris & Joe Howell
Collington’s Culture: :  Co-chairs:  Kay Laughton & Nancy Lively
Inter-generational Engagement:  Co-chairs: Mike Nolin & Helen Lauck
This breadth means that really anything and everything is on the table, meaning that the broadest possible visioning is encouraged and needed.  So things like taking advantage of medicare cost incentives to facilitate economic diversity in residents, for example, become very much 0n the table.  Technology and “serving the boomers” are cross cutting themes that will help link these together.  So, lets all put our dreaming hats on.

Range of input sought

We really welcome input, not only from residents, but also from anyone,really.  This includes family members, friends of residents, staff.  I think it is fair to say that we are also particularly interested in visions and ideas from the broader senior community, including but not limited to Kendal.  What would you like us to test?  What are the new ideas that have not yet been shown to be practicable?  What would make you want to live here?  What is the greatest strength on which we should be building?

I think it is fair to encourage input to any of those listed above, as well as those on the overall Strategic Planning Committee, listed in full in the document linked to above.

Speakers and Educational Programs

The Committee very much welcomes suggestions for speakers and presentations that will inform and empower our process, as well as help the unity (generally defined) process move forward.

Process and Meeting Management Issues

Not only will this be an opportunity to talk about our culture, and how we talk to each other and make decisions, it is also a time to test and model more inclusive approaches.  So the experience, and maybe educational programs, will help us improve the community in the long term, way beyond the specific product of a plan and its implementation.

Our consultant, Lizann Peyton, and indeed all our leadership, are being wonderful in this process.

I hope this post does justice to the wonderful document.  If not, and indeed more generally, please add to the discussion through online comments or other communications.


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