The New Videos of Resident Perspectives Are Now Up — Suggesting a Question to All Residents and Staff

The new videos giving longer resident and staff personal perspectives on Collington are now up in the Video Gallery of the official Collington Website.

Resident Marilyn Haskel (Keeping Making New Friends) is here:

Resident Clarita Rickets (It Has Been a Fabulous Experience) below:

Resident Richard Zorza (Making the World Better):

Staffer Jodi Kramer (It’s Like a Big Family Here) – I know, that’s not her picture, sorry:

Resident Tucker Farley (A Moving Concert):

What an incredible community we have here.  (If you are worried about too many people wanting to join us, do not share these videos.)  Seriously, I’d like to think that, taken together, these give a better portrait of the richness and subtlety of Collington than anything I have seen.  Congratulations and thanks to the videographer.

Finally, my question for all residents and staff, echoing the point I made in my video — What was the moment that you realized, yes, this is the place for me to live or work?  Give us an answer in the comments below, or, when the comments are closed, by e-mail.  It will add to the mosaic of the Collington we are shaping, perhaps also helping inform our strategic planning.