Hopkins at Home in the Auditorium at 2 PM This Thursday

As the Strategic Planing process identifies the importance of re-envisioning our health care here at Collington and starts to engage us all in doing so, it is highly appropriate that tomorrow, Thursday, at 2 PM, we will be welcoming the Hopkins Come Care Group to talk about possible services, and more importantly, the overall vision of Hopkins and the changes in health care.  The agenda is as follows, reflecting the fact that as of now the core at home service is not yet available in Prince George’s County:

  • Opportunities to develop home based programs based on Collington Retirement Community’s needs
  • What’s new with Medicare and other coverage for home based needs
  • Learn how home based services are cost effective and help seniors remain at home longer

Many of us already rely on Hopkins and affiliated hospitals such as Sibley, Suburban, Howard County, and Anne Arundal for care, particularly specialist care.  (Lots of bits of lots of us are already sitting in various research banks at Hopkins).  So there is no need to trumpet Hopkins international reputation.  I am on the Patient and Family Caregiver Council at Hopkins Oncology and can attest to the patient-oriented nature of their culture — so rare in a research hospital.

I very much encourage folks to come not just for the concrete possibilities of us as individuals and a community, but for the broader picture of health care and in the future.  There surely are lots of possibilities for a community committed to improvement through research and understanding with a medical system with similar values.

Thanks to the Health Services Speaking Series for this event.

See you there.


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  1. Richard, Nancy and I are disappointed that we will not be at Collington to attend this event. Will there be a synopsis available somewhere? Even if not, I truly appreciate your blog. It helps us keep in touch with our future community. Thanks so much.

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