Maryland Health Commissioner Recommends Approval of Our New Neighborhood Hospital

The Washington Post this morning reports that “Maryland Health Commissioner Robert E. Moffit has recommended approval of the proposed Prince George’s County Regional Medical Center, clearing one of the last major hurdles in what has been a long and sometimes frustrating regulatory process for the project’s supporters.”

The action strongly suggests that the full commission will vote approval later this month.  There will be a hearing October 20, but organizations have only till the end of this week to file objections.

Obviously this is very exciting news to us.  We will soon have a very high quality university-affiliated hospital less than two miles away, actually conveniently on the way to the Largo Metro station (see map here).  This puts us in a much stronger and more flexible position as we re-think our entire position and partnering when it comes to health care as part of our now launching strategic planning process.

Remember, as Steve Maag of Leading Age recently told us, we are already well positioned as a potential partner for health care organizations, because only CCRCs have experience with so much integration from primary care to residential at all levels of support need, and because all the financing incentives now require health care organizations of all kinds to take this approach.  (For example, the University of Maryland, partner in the new hospital, already offers a Medicare Advantage Plan, which is not currently available in Prince George’s County.)

Hopefully we will be able to participate as a deeply concerned potential consumer and partner in the detailed planning process that will soon be moving forward.  One can imagine, for example, a close relationship with this system, or indeed others, on matters relating to our clinic, our nursing facilities, our access to specialists, and so on.


2 thoughts on “Maryland Health Commissioner Recommends Approval of Our New Neighborhood Hospital

  1. This is very good news. At yesterday’s Health Services Committee meeting it was requested and agreed that we should form a ” New Hospital Advocacy Group”. Those who might be interested please be in touch with me either by phone ( 5096 ) or by email Thanks Peter

  2. I wonder if this new hospital would be near Collington – I thought I had read somewhere that this was under consideration – i.e. more or less just up the street.

    Jeanne Barnett

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