Monday is the Education Launch of Collington’s Strategic Planning Process

This Monday, at 10 AM in the Auditorium, Collington really starts our community wide strategic planning process, with an educational presentation on “Trends in the Industry,” featuring Stephen Maag (bio on different site), of Leading Age (site here).  Leading Age is the national organization supporting and advocating for nonprofit ageing services organizations (strategic plan here.)  The planning process here is, of course, being led by a Board Subcommittee.  The process has extensive and expanding resident and staff participation.

The information Stephen Maag provides will be crucial in grounding the upcoming community-wide discussions and processes in a concrete understanding of what is going on, and experts’ perceptions of the changes, opportunities, and challenges we can expect to see.  These will help us shape an expansive and leadership vision, in which we all contribute to “together, transforming the experience of ageing,” as the Kendal slogan puts it, not just for ourselves, but for the world as a whole.

I for one I will be particularly interested in his perspectives on where the planning and vision gaps are — what we perhaps uniquely can bring to this national process, with our unique combination of Washington connections, policy and academic expertise, range of real world experience, and diversity.

By the way, those interested in seeing Maag’s presentation approach might find this YouTube video helpful.  He is clearly grounded in data.

As you know from the flier in your mailboxes, there are future additional educational programs already scheduled.  This is a very exciting time indeed for the community.  Be there at 10.

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