The Bagleys Featured in Prince George’s Sentinel Article on “That Eaton Woman” at the Greenbelt Playhouse

Readers of this website will know that Collington residents Grant and Margaret Bagley are appearing in That Eaton Woman at the Greenbelt Playhouse.

Their participation is now noted in the Sentinel:

Margaret Bagley and her husband, Grant, have been married for 55 years. They moved to Prince George’s County the year they officially became a couple. The active retirees also act in “The Eaton Woman.”

“We learned to work here, we learned to raise a family here, we learned everything we know here, and now we’re learning how to enjoy life and do the things that we never thought we could,” Grant said. “Prince George’s County is a friendly place to do these things. It’s more acceptable. It’s not as competitive.

“You can try things and say, ‘Gee, I’m trying this for the first time,’ and people will accept it, and it’s not as threatening. It’s a wonderful community because it offers us those opportunities, and it offers opportunities that a lot of people just don’t realize, because they don’t come and look at us here.”

The article, which includes a great cast photo, describes the play as:

[R]evisit[ing] controversy, women’s roles in Washington society, morality and the sobering reality that gossip is nothing new.

When President Andrew Jackson appointed John Henry Eaton as his Secretary of War, the ladies of Washington society ostracized Eaton and his new wife, the beautiful Margaret “Peggy” Eaton. The outspoken and flirtatious woman married her second husband less than year of mourning her first, who died unexpectedly. John and Margaret were rumored to have had an affair when Margaret was still married to John Timberlake. Thereafter, scandalous gossip took on a life of its own.

The play will run at the Greenbelt Arts Center through July 17.

Go to for ticket information.

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  1. CORRECTED INFORMATION: For the 2 PM Sunday matinee of “The Eaton Woman” on July 17th there is a bus leaving from Collington at 12:45 PM. Sign up in the trip book before the list is pulled, LATER FRIDAY. You can contact the theater to reserve a ticket or buy it when you get there for $16, for Seniors. Regular price $20. Yough $12.

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