Photos of The Bagleys In “The Hollow” at the Greenbelt Arts Center

Resident Marian Fuchs-Carsch sends this on “The Hollow.”


Here are pictures of two Collington Residents, currently in the cast of The Hollow by Agatha Christie, a whodunit now playing at the Greenbelt Arts Center.

Grant Bagley plays Sir Henry Angkatell, suave owner of a stately home; Margaret Bagley plays Doris, a slightly dotty house maid.  The play runs through June 26.

The play was put on by Thunderous Productions.   The group’s 8th Annual One-Act Festival will be put on here  at Collington September 9 and 10.

The Bagleys will also be performing in another play, The Eaton Woman,  a play about Washington Society and the downfall of the Jackson administration, playing at the Greenbelt Arts Center on weekends from 8 – 17 July.

011 - Copy
Grant and Margaret On the Set
Margaret Publicity Photo
Grant Publicity Photo



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  1. We do have a trip planned for the Sunday matinee on July 17th to see the Bagleys in The Eaton Woman. Be sure to sign up. It takes ten to fifteen participants for a bus to be scheduled!

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